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ImageProVision: Microscopic Image Analysis 

ImageProVision Technology Pvt. Ltd. focuses on processing and detailed analysis of images, along with the development of image processing applications. The company has been leading innovation in the field of Microscopic Image Analysis, image processing and Particle Size Analyzer company since its inception in 2010, in Pune. Our focus is on offering pioneering, customer-focused solutions and services to enhance efficiency of our clients. Our products cater to a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, medical sciences, life sciences, chemical and manufacturing industries. The products for pharmaceutical industry are quite popular with an array of innovative products successfully deployed at major companies across the globe. We have partnered with many well established as well as emerging organizations to benefit their research and product development. Our aim lies in providing faster, more accurate solutions at competitive costs, to serve industry needs better. We have an able team with extensive industry knowledge and technical expertise.

Our Products

ipvAutoClass Automatic Microscopic Particle Classifier

ImageProVision's ipvAutoClass: Automatic 'Microscopic Particle Classifier' ImageProvi...
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ipvPCount ipvAutoCount: Microscopic Particulate Matter Counter.

ImageProVision's ipvPCount ipvAutoCount: Microscopic Particulate Matter Counter. ImageproVisi...
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ipvNano: Nano Particle Analysis.

ImageProVision's ipvNano: Nano Particle Analysis. ipvNano by ImageProVision has a unique...
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ipvPClass: Microscopic Particle Characterization

ImageProVision's ipvPClass: 'Microscopic Particle Characterization'. ImageProvision i...
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ipvMicrobe: Microbial Colony Counter.

Imageprovision's ipvMicrobe: Microbial Colony Counter & Analysis. Biological pr...
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ipv ProofCheck Smart Proof Reading system for Pharma Artwork quality control and testing

ipv ProofCheck- Proof Reading system for Pharma Artwork quality control and testing Features Note...
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ipvPHot: Hot Stage Microscopy, Thermal Analysis

ImageProVision's ipvPHot: Hot Stage Microscopy, Thermal Analysis.   Hot stage ...
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ipvPSA: Microscopic Particle Size Analyser.

ImageProVision's ipvPSA - 'Microscopic Particle Size Analyser'. Microscopic Part...
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Our Services
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  • Analysis Services
  • Installation &Calibration
  • Customer Support
  • Method development services
  • Training
Analysis Services

ImageProVision- Analysis Services

Faster analysis time is made possible with the vigorous software by ImageProVision Technology. With our help, processing of hundreds of images, analysis and report generation is possible.
Analysis of various different samples is done with accordance to the client’s requirements using different software. Software includes ipvPClass, ipvPAuto, ipvPCount, ipvPMicrobe, ipvPHot, ipvPSA, ipvNano, ipvProofCheck etc. Samples of different dosage forms like dry, liquid or creams are analysed.
A dedicated lab is available with advanced microscope integrated with software as per the category of the sample.

Installation &Calibration

ImageProVision- Installation & Calibration Services

ImageProVision provides an elaborated installation and an elaborated calibration procedure. Softwares are installed to the client’s site with full security and protection. 
For installation, ImageProVision service engineer visits the site and provides the services with required documentary installations. Installation process involves Installation Qualification (IQ), Qualification Protocols (QP), Operational Qualification (OP), and Performance Qualification (PQ).
Calibration is done with the standard calibration kit to ensure accuracy of the analysed results. Again, at every stage, the work is done under customer approval.
Certificates are also provided after successful installation & calibration.

Method development services

ImageProvision: Method Development Services.

We also provide method development services. It could be done at our labs as well as client’s site lab. Also, our team could visit to the customers site. ImageProVision team could do further sample analysis or develop the software according to the client’s requirement.


ImageProVision -  Training Programs

Training programs, seminars, programmed videos, demos are provided and conducted either on-site or off-site accordingly to the customer’s needs.

Training on-site, is performed by one of our ImageProVisionScientific application experts. Our trainers are experts in each technique. They will provide trainings advice and guidance to make the most of your ImageProVision Scientific instrument.

You will gain confidence and experience in the analysis of your samples.

Certificates are given to every attendee for every course.

Customer Support

ImageProVision - Customer Support

Customer support is delivered on phone calls online. On-line and off-line services are also provided.
The purpose of ImageProVision application centres is to help present and potential customers to obtain necessary information about scientific and analytical techniques and instruments, provide expert consultations, seminars and actual sample analysis upon request. ImageProVision experienced consultant engineers are ready to solve your problems using scientific and analytical techniques.

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