Video Processing Solutions

At ImageProVision Technology Pvt. Ltd., we have developed video processing software for different application areas. Object detection, recognition, classification, shape analysis and tracking are all enabled through this software.

ImageProVision provides services in all areas of medical imaging like :

Semen Analysis

A strong, healthy breed depends on fertilization with a superior quality of semen. Analysis therefore plays a vital role in the identification of usable sperms and in predicting the quality of stock.

Before semen is preserved for future artificial fertilization, we assess its quality to ensure acceptable fertility. Good quality semen contains at least 80% sperms engaged in progressive, forward motility, at minimum required speeds.

Although manual semen analysis using a light microscope has been standard, it is prone to technician errors because meticulous technique and attention to detail is required for accurate analysis. The software we have developed for analysis is a powerful tool for objective assessment of sperm motility, and is thus being used increasingly for evaluating semen quality. Several motility parameters describing the movements of spermatazoa may also be obtained in greater detail. The system captures video frames from the digital microscope and the Semen Analyser software processes each frame for various parameters. An intelligent tracking algorithm that we have developed tracks these sperms in each successive frame, while a tracking algorithm identifies information such as:

  • Size
  • Speed
  • Trajectory

These statistics are used for the computation of semen quality.

Microscopic Particle Analysis and Classification

We are also experts in microscopic analysis, having developed several software applications for the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry requires the detection and classification of particles into oils, gels and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), and the derivation of detailed information on each of these. At ImageProVision Technology Pvt. Ltd., we have developed a microscopic image analysis software which captures video frames of microscopic images at different focal lengths. The analysis software then automatically identifies and classifies the particles as required. The entire process is operator independent and reproducible.

This is a faster and less expensive method than some of the currently used technologies for the same purpose.