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A 3D image can provide information on volume and depth that is critical to certain applications, giving researchers more information about structure and function, thereby increasing the accuracy of analysis and diagnosis. At ImageProVision, we have extended our capabilities into this world of 3D imaging within the sectors of industrial automation and medicine, helping you explore and study the depths of your images by interacting with them in 3D. Our focus is on developing image analysis software that is dynamic, reliable and cost-effective, apart from being easy to use.

We have currently developed a high-resolution 3D retinal imaging system that may be used in an optometrist's office or research laboratories to provide 3D views of the retina, to assist in study and diagnosis of various disease conditions. Information about depth of the optic cup and optic disc is vital to this diagnosis. The procedure is automatic, requiring no technician support, and is accurate, compared to conventional manual observation that is prone to error.