Medical Imaging Solutions

Image processing technology enables visualization and quantitative analysis in the field of medicine, creating value in various applications like Digital Pathology, Ophthalmology, Radiology, MRI, CT, PET, etc., proving significant in the diagnosis, treatment, control and study of various medical conditions. Medical Science thereby leans heavily on image processing technology for its various functions.

ImageProVision provides services in all areas of medical imaging like :

Digital Pathology

This virtual microscopy uses image-processing algorithms that allow high-resolution viewing, developed for automatic analysis of digital pathology images. Cell content analysis and quantization of intra-cellular components like nucleus and cytoplasm are successfully and accurately enabled, as is membrane staining.

At ImageProVision Technology Pvt. Ltd., our team is proficient in:

  • Breast cancer analysis
  • Prostate analysis
  • Cervical cytology
  • Tissue Microarray (TMA)
Diagnosis of Cancer with DNA Ploidy

An abnormal increase in DNA content in the cell could indicate cancer. DNA Ploidy is a test that determines DNA content in cancerous cells, being a valuable adjunct to cytologic and histologic examination in certain tumors, providing additional diagnostic information.

At ImageProVision Technology Pvt. Ltd., we have developed algorithms that help with this test, through the measurement of DNA content within cells for cancer analysis. Our algorithm identifies stained cells in the images captured through the microscope/scanner. The analysing software identifies various cell features namely the size, shape, colour and intensity, and classifies the epithelial cells, stroma and lymph nodes, while the algorithm computes their DNA content using the Integrated Optical Density (IOD) method. The total DNA content obtained reflects the possibility of cancer.


Our experience and expertise in image analysis extends to ophthalmology, through the development of various algorithms for use in clinical practice. Retinal image analysis through our specially formulated algorithms may be used as a reliable tool for diagnosis and research.

In ophthalmology, ImageProVision explores advanced image processing in ocular imaging, including its applications in

  • Vessel tracing
  • 2D and 3D Reconstruction of the retina
  • Optic disc analysis
  • Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy / Glaucoma
  • Panorama reconstruction

Panorama reconstruction of the retina using the ImageProVision software is automatic, faster and more accurate, as compared to the methods adopted by most doctors and eye-specialists using the fundus camera, which captures different angles of the spherical eyeball and requires images to be manually stitched together.