Automotive Industry

Measurement systems in industries now rely almost wholly on computerised applications, the key areas using image processing being quality inspection and automation. Innovative solutions through the application of image processing and analysis algorithms have paved the way for superior results, reflecting real values for measured properties.

ImageProVision Technology Pvt. Ltd. offers industry-specific solutions based on digital imaging processing systems designed for the continuous monitoring and quality control of production processes. ImageProVision retrofits, and replaces manual measuring and inspection systems with cutting-edge image processing technology. Eliminating quality errors and improving yield is now faster and simpler.

We have developed applications pertaining to various industries. These include:

Bearing Inspection

This system involves an automatic vision inspection system for assembly lines. ImageProVision's Bearing Analyser has excellent accuracy, repeatability and consistency. The analysis is performed at high speed and works perfectly with the assembly line.

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Technical Overview


  • On-line assembly line inspection system
  • Very high megapixel camera captures live images of bearings on assembly line
  • The software locates the bearings, identifies bearing components, namely, rings, balls and grease filled within bearings
  • Software computes grease percentage and gives output to the controlling system
  • Speed of analysis matches speed of assembly line, thus popular in similar industrial applications
  • Accurate, reliable and consistent

Seal Inspection

The iSeal project was developed for a major player in the automobile industry.

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Features of the iSeal

  • Inspects seal online
  • Locates the seal
  • Locates external objects, if any
  • Confirms appropriate position of seal
  • Identifies reversal of seal
  • Identifies notches on seal
  • High performance

Sensor Inspection

The iSensor Project was developed for one of the prominent industries in Pune.

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Technical Overview

Features :

  • Inspects sensors online
  • Locates the sensor
  • Confirms if sensor position is accurate or not
  • High performance

Switch Inspection

The iSwitch Project was developed for one of the prominent industries in Pune.

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Features :

  • Inspects switches online
  • Locates the switch case
  • Identifies pattern of switch positioning to check if any are all properly placed

Magnet Inspection

The iMagnet Project is being developed to suit the needs of the magnet manufacturing industry.

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Technical Overview

Features :

  • Works on-line on assembly line
  • Locates the magnet when it appears within the camera's field of view
  • Locates the number on the magnet through a novel OCR algorithm
  • Sorts the magnets
  • Identifies flaws on magnets

Anthropometric Analyser

Anthropometric analysis is performed to gain an understanding of anthropometric measurements, and how they relate to various design solutions.

ImageProVision's Anthropometric Analyser consists of an image analysis system that automatically measures the dimensions of the hand and foot. Automatic analysis is definitely superior to manual methods of data collection in its speed, accuracy and the ability to view images at any given time.

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The software identifies dimensions of:
  • Finger length and width
  • Palm length and width
  • Hand length
  • Hand grip diameter
Advantages of image data capturing and automatic analysis software include:
  • Accuracy
  • Time efficiency in data capture and analysis
  • Availability of image data and marking at all times
  • Automatic analysis
  • Automatic and instantaneous generation of data sheet displaying varied statistics