Product Details

Sucrocrystal Image Analyser


Improved industrial process control promotes quality. In the sugar industry, process control may be applied to ensure that the quality of the final sugar product meets required specifications. ImageProVision's Sucrocrystal Image Analyser is a unique, digital crystal image analysis software system designed specifically for this industry, providing quantitative, automatic analysis. This procedure is fast and accurate, and may be used to measure crystal size distributions of both massecuite and dry product. It is a powerful tool for analysing, optimizing and controlling the various stages of sugar production.

Technical Overview

Measurement of crystal size distribution is vital to optimising the growth of sugar crystals in crystallization pans and for quality control and standardization of the final product. Although crystal size measurements are traditionally performed manually using mechanical sieves or through inspection, this method is time consuming, prone to errors and provides limited quantitative information. The Sucrocrystal Image Analyser accurately performs the analysis of crystals, digitally, using classical image analysis techniques.

The system comprises of a trinocular microscope (Analog video camera attached to a binocular microscope) with a halogen lamp. A video-converter card converts analog video signals to digital images that may be analysed by the image software. Results are tabulated and may be printed.

The test product range includes:

  • Sugar slurry
  • Software identifies morphology and classifies particles as isolated particles, agglomerations etc.
  • Grains of low-grade massecuite at various levels
  • Low-grade massecuite
  • High-grade massecuite
  • Fine sugar crystals
  • Sugar dust

Features :

  • The crystal population (number of crystals used in analysis) may be selected as desired. The greater the number in a lot, the clearer the analysis
  • Sugar crystal images may be stored and displayed in digital format
  • Crystal population may be analysed for physical features such as length, width, average size, crystal area, crystal shape etc.
  • Coefficient of variation of crystal population may be deduced based on length or area
  • One complete analysis takes less than 5 minutes

Scope & Advantages :

  • Inspection and standardization of slurry quality
  • Overall improvement of the pan boiling process through speed and accuracy
  • Improvement of low-grade massecuite grain preparation techniques
  • Quality control, training and judging of pan operator efficiency
  • Detecting crystal growth status in day-to-day operations
  • Control over scientific pan boiling
  • Detection of false grain in massecuite
  • Improving crystal yield of massecuite, thereby controlling sugar losses in final molasses
  • Inspection of final molasses
  • M30, S30 measurement and analysis