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Pellet Size Analyser


In the pharmaceutical industry, regularity in the size of granules or pellets is a vital parameter for filling capsules and is key to quality. Quality control at any stage of production may be carried out quite simply and accurately using the Pellet Size Analyser, easily overcoming the problem with time and accuracy that occurs when this task is performed manually.

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Technical Overview

The Pellet Size Analyser is a software-based system including an HD camera unit and software. The pellets are placed within the inspection unit, and the image, recorded by the image-capturing software. The analysis software accurately measures the size of all particles and computes the particle size distribution. The results are charted in Excel and print format. The software performs this function in just a matter of seconds.


  • Automatic analysis - Being a computer-based system, analysis is carried out automatically by the software, requiring no manual intervention

  • Real-time analysis on a computer screen

  • High accuracy - The Pellet Size Analyser has an accuracy of over 99% in microns

  • Statistics - The various statistics measured by the Pellet Size Analyser include:

    • Pellet size
    • Classification based on pellet size (500-1000 microns, 1000-2000 microns etc.)
    • Average pellet size
    • Size distribution shown graphically
    • Coefficient of variation
    • Classification based on pellet size
  • Reports - Resultant statistics are provided in an Excel sheet with images, in PDF format or print format

  • User-friendly - The Pellet Size Analyser is easy to use, offering multiple configuration possibilities to enable the user to adapt the system to his requirements