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Particle Size Analyser & Classifier (PClass)


Particle size is key to the formulation of pharmaceutical products, affecting processability, appearance, performance and stability of the final product. Shape, texture and microstructure are equally important parameters used in research as well as quality control for a stable, effective product. The PClass is an advanced version of the Particle Size Analyser, rendering these analyses with speed, convenience and accuracy.

Analysis Methodology

The PClass analyses samples using two methods -

Particle Size Distribution

This method analyses and records the overall particle size distribution. The software computes factors such as D0.1, D0.5, D0.9, maximum, minimum and average size, etc. The report generated may be customized to include the image, histogram and relevant statistical data. The user may also compare data from various samples by super-imposing graphs.

API Identification

The software algorithm intelligently analyses and obtains relevant information from video analysis, image statistics and shape analysis. The algorithm can identify and classify the various APIs from within mixtures of creams, oils, gels or globules. Customized analysis reports may be derived for only selective and relevant data, using colour-coded graphic representations as required, such as line graphs, bar graphs etc. Graphs from multiple samples may also be superimposed for a quick, easy comparison.

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Technical Overview

At ImageProVision, we believe in innovation and continuous improvement. We base our solutions on this philosophy and on what we learn from listening to clients about their requirements. This has directed our efforts towards delivering customized solutions that target these demands and meet specific industry needs.

The PClass is a compact and reliable microscopic software analysis system that includes both the digital microscope as well as the software. Apart from identification of particulate solids and agglomerations in solutions and analysing size distributions, the PClass also analyses shapes, textures and microstructures. The software intelligently monitors the procedure, identifies errors and enables the user to take corrective action to complete the procedure accurately.


  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Software offers multi-level authentication, electronic signatures, digital data security, audit trail etc.
  • Identification and measurement of APSs and agglomerations
  • Identification and measurement of particles in multiple layers, on the same run
  • Selective measurement of particles based on size, shape and type
  • Selective measurement of particles based on size, shape and type
  • Selective scan of sample areas, simultaneously or post run
  • Intelligent checks and easy-to-follow guidelines throughout the process


  • Simple, user-friendly, flexible and interactive software
  • Elegant PC interface, allowing direct control of digital camera mounted on the microscope for collection and analysis of images
  • The procedure is monitored, errors identified and corrective actions are recommended for accurate and smooth operation
  • Immediate analysis and report generation
  • Customized reports using relevant information