Product Details

Semen Analyser


ImageProVision Technology Pvt. Ltd. has developed the Semen Analyser for automated analysis of sperm in order to assess male fertility for both human and animal categories. The Semen Analyser is currently being used to advantage in the field of animal husbandry, at the Agricultural Universities in India. It provides accurate data on morphology and concentration of sperms as well as the analysis of sperm motility.

With the Semen Analyser, we provide companies with the means of differentiating their services from that of others through a system that is technologically advanced, precise, fast and reliable.

Technical Overview

The Semen Analyser system consists of a digital microscope (a trinocular microscope where a digital camera is mounted over a binocular microscope) with an attached stage warmer. The slide with the semen sample is placed under the lens, and may be viewed either through the eyepiece of the microscope, or more conveniently, on a computer monitor to which the camera is attached via a USB port. The ImageProVision Camera Capture software delivers high quality video imaging for precision analysis.


The Semen Analysis software loaded on the computer analyses the video images in real time and:

  • Identifies each sperm
  • Tracks the movement of each sperm
  • Computes the speed of each sperm
  • Identifies the motion-type of each sperm - linear or circular
  • Classifies the sperms based on motion-type and speed to compute initial semen motility
  • Computes the number of straws required for the semen sample
  • Generates a report

The software may also compute the post-thaw motility of sperms, and be used for the ACI and HOST tests.