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Nematode Analyser


In farming systems, some species of nematodes prove beneficial, while others are considered pests. The plant-parasitic-nematodes that attack plants, mostly the roots, cause a lot of damage, affecting the yield. Since nematode reproduction occurs very fast, the increasing populations may become harmful to crops in a very short period of time. This necessitates a constant awareness of nematode populations in the soil, in order to check destruction by these worms.

The Nematode Analyser, an innovative software-based system developed by ImageProVision Technology Pvt. Ltd., is extremely useful in analysing and counting nematodes. Our system is currently being used at the Mahatma Phule Agricultural University, Rahuri, India, with excellent results.

Technical Overview

The Nematode Analyser system comprises of a digital microscope (a trinocular microscope where a digital camera is mounted over a binocular microscope). The slide bearing the sample for analysis is placed under the lens, and may be viewed either through the eyepiece of the microscope, or more conveniently, on a computer monitor to which the camera is attached via a USB port. The ImageProVision Camera Capture software delivers high quality video imaging for precision analysis.



The Nematode Analysis software loaded on the computer analyses the video images in real time and:

  • Identifies and counts live/dead nematodes
  • Counts overlapping nematodes
  • Computes physical parameters of nematodes like length, width, colour etc. for their identification
  • Generates a report