Product Details

Leaf Analyser


Monitoring leaf area is an important aspect of studying physiological features related to plant growth, as well as serving as a useful index in evaluating damage caused by leaf diseases and pests. It also plays an important role in forecasting production, because total leaf area is biologically relevant to the plant's yield and productivity.

Direct methods of estimation cause damage to plants. However, ImageProVision's Leaf Analyser maintains the integrity of the growing leaf, while at the same time enables accurate and easy measurement of leaf paramaters.

Technical Overview

This image analysis software system includes a portable camera setup and software. It is used in the measurement of leaf area and other leaf parameters, which bear great importance to agricultural outcomes and research.

The leaf properties measured by the Leaf Analyser include:

  • Leaf area
  • Leaf length
  • Leaf width
  • Leaf shape factor
  • Leaf aspect ratio


  • Automatic analysis - Being a computer-based system, analysis is carried out automatically by the software, requiring no manual intervention
  • Real-time analysis on a computer screen
  • High accuracy
  • Auto calibration facility
  • User-friendly camera set-up
  • Non-destructive analysis through the use of a portable camera, allowing measurement of leaf growth
  • Software can successfully analyse images captured by other cameras also
  • Measurements of long leaves may be accurately done without having to cut the leaves from the plant
  • Area-related features can be saved along with the images