Product Details

Cell Colony Analyser


Various universities and bio-control research organizations, to study bio pesticides, are carrying out extensive research. Although a large percentage of the analysis is performed manually using a microscope, there is always possibility for error in such conditions. ImageProVision Technology Pvt. Ltd. has developed the software-based Cell Colony Analyser system, which eliminates the problems that arise from this manual function. Various hospital research centres also use this product.

Technical Overview

The Cell Colony Analyser system comprises of a trinocular research microscope (a microscope with two standard eyepieces and one camera eyepiece), with a high-resolution camera module system. The analyser software automatically analyses the images from the live video feed, marks the area of interest and identifies the cells within this area. It then counts the cells and computes the total cell count per ml using a set formula.

Advantages of the Cell Colony Analyser:

  • Delivers consistent, accurate results
  • Faster than manual processes
  • Image may be viewed on a computer screen for the comfort of the user
  • Software generates results automatically in Excel, PDF and print formats
  • Images may be saved for later investigation

Working of the Software:

The Cell Colony Analyser software, capable of both static and dynamic imaging and multilayer processing, carries out the following tasks before providing analysis results:

  • Automatic identification of square boundary (single line/three lines) based on hemocytometer protocol
  • Cell identification and classification based on type, shape and size
  • Automatic counting of cells on user-defined specifications and calculation
  • Identification and isolation of agglomeration
  • Continuous intelligent checks against expert guidelines
  • Flexible and customizable reports